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The Fifth Report of “Economic Vision Forum”: Jin Jian’s Road to Statistical Research

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Listen to other people’s stories and think about your road to growth. The fifth of “Economic Vision Forum” was held at 4:00 pm on September 24. Based on the Professor Jin’s experience of learning and development, she gave a report on “My Road to Statistical Research”. This forum was also held online through Tencent Conference. More than 40 teachers and graduate students attended it online and offline. Zhu Changcun, the vice dean of the School of Economics presided over this forum.

Jin Jian is now a professor in the Department of Statistics, director of the Institute of Social Science Methodology, and doctoral supervisor of Applied Economics. She visited the Methodology Department of London School of Economics and Political Science for one year. During this visit, she conducted academic exchanges, gave reports or presented a paper at the Royal Statistical Society, Office for National Statistics, and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Professor Jin presided over two National Social Science Funds, one Ministry of Education Project, and more than ten other provincial and ministerial projects.

Centering around her own experience, road to studying, scientific research experience and sharing feelings, she talked about many beneficial experience and lessons at different stages of life. She emphasized that students should cherish platforms and opportunities on the road to learning and scientific research and learn to get along well with teachers and classmates. When talking about personal experience and the road to study, Professor Jin said that studying for a doctorate and studying abroad have made her grow up a lot. She encouraged everyone to cherish time and seize opportunities. When talking about scientific research experiences, Professor Jin shared her experience in doing National Social Science Funds and Ministry of Education Planning funds. This part covered a wide range of research fields with methodology as the core. The stories she told, be it hard or happy, touched teachers and students present.

After the report, Professor Jin interacted with the teachers and students present and patiently answered the questions raised by everyone. Professor Feng Li and Associate Professor Wang Penggang gave speeches one after another. They praised Professor Jin’s dedication, persistence and accumulation in academic and scientific research over the years, and his tireless exploration spirit without seeking utilitarianism. 

Through this forum, the participating teachers and students further appreciated Professor Jin’s scholars demeanor. Students will be inspired to improve the capacity for scientific research, which contributes to the construction of distinctive, high-level, well-known university in China.