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The School of Economics of Hebei university Successfully Held a Seminar on

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On November 13, the seminar on "National First-class Major Construction" sponsored by the School of Economics of our school was successfully held in the library of Qiyi Road Campus of Hebei University. Professor Zhang Zhiyuan, member of the Teaching Steering Committee for Finance Majors in Higher Colleges of the Ministry of Education, and Professor Zhang Feng, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Hebei University, attended the seminar and delivered speeches. Professor Zhang Zhiyuan, Professor Wang Zhongrun, Professor Luo Liangqing and Professor Cao Jinglin, members of Finance and Statistics of the Higher Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education, attended the seminar and made special reports. Researcher Song Hui of Hebei Provincial Bureau of Statistics also present the seminar, and more than 50 experts and scholars from more than a dozen universities including North China Electric Power University, Hebei University of Technology, Hebei Agricultural University and Hebei Finance University. The seminar was presided over by Cheng Xinxuan, abbot of the School of Economics of Hebei University, Yin Chengyuan and Zhu Changcun, vice president of the school.

Professor Zhang Zhiyuan, a member of the Financial Education Committee, pointed out in his special report that undergraduate education is the foundation of a university. He exchanged views on the goal of building a national first-class undergraduate major and how to build a distinctive first-class undergraduate major. Professor Wang Zhongrun gave a special report with the theme of "Thinking on the Training of New Financial Talents and the Construction of First-class Undergraduate major", The report introduces in detail the seven characteristics of the national first-class undergraduate major, and puts forward constructive suggestions on the curriculum construction and faculty team construction in the construction of the national first-class financial major in combination with the characteristics of financial professional personnel training in Hebei University of Economics and Business. On behalf of Hebei University, Director Zhang Feng thanked the experts for their arrival and support, and made a report on the development of Hebei University as a "Ministry-Province Joint Construction" university in recent years and the construction of national first-class majors and specialties, pointing out that the university will concentrate on continuously promoting the construction of first-class majors. He also congratulated the School of Economics on successfully approving the two national first-class majors of "Finance" and "Economic Statistics". Professor Luo Liangqing, a member of the Statistics Teaching Committee, put forward guiding ideas for the requirements of national first-class major construction combined with the experience of statistics major construction in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, emphasizing the importance of curriculum construction, serving local areas and training double-qualified teachers; Professor Cao Jinglin reported and exchanged on the construction of the first-class major in economic statistics in Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, providing valuable opinions and direction guidance for the later professional construction in our university.

In the afternoon, two sub forums of Finance and economic statistics carried out the discussion at the same time. Professor Hu Haifeng of Beijing Normal University made an in-depth analysis on the construction of national first-class majors in finance, and exchanged views with the characteristics of the construction of first-class majors in Beijing Normal University. Professor Kang Shusheng, the leader of finance major in Hebei University, Professor Zhu Changcun, Vice President of the School of Economics, and Professor Jin Jian respectively exchanged reports on the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in finance and economic statistics major in Hebei University and the cultivation of talents' practical ability. Guo Jing, director of the Finance Department of Hebei Finance University, gave a detailed experience introduction on the construction of the first-class course "Financial Marketing". Teachers from other brother colleges and universities have conducted in-depth discussions on the personnel training mode, the construction of first-class teaching teams, the construction of "five major" golden courses, the construction of high-quality textbooks, practical teaching and the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation in the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in finance and economic statistics under the background of "new liberal arts". Professor Cao Jinglin of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics commented on the speeches of the participants, In-depth exchanges were conducted on how to solve the short-board problems faced by the current discipline construction and promote interdisciplinary integration, with special emphasis on forming joint efforts of discipline construction and promoting the continuous improvement of discipline level by highlighting characteristics, relying on discipline construction and integrating big data.

Through the discussion and exchange of this conference, Everyone fully realized the importance and sense of mission of the construction of "national first-class undergraduate major", and said that they would take the construction of "Double Ten Thousand Plan" of first-class specialty and first-class course as an opportunity to continuously improve their professional level and personnel training ability, and make unremitting efforts to comprehensively revitalize the undergraduate education of Hebei University and promote the school to become a high-level university.                                          

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