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The Theoretical Study Center Group of the Party Committee of the School Carried Out Special Study on the Comprehensive Reform of Postgraduate Education

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On the morning of November 19, the theoretical study center group of the party Committee of the school of economics (expanded) carried out the seventh collective study. College leaders, all Party committee members, discipline inspection commission members, Party branch secretaries and section leaders participated in the study. Collective learning is presided over by Party Secretary Jin Tianxing. Zhu Changcun, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the school, conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on postgraduate education, Premier Li Keqiang's instructions and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan's speech at the National Postgraduate Education Conference, and introduced the relevant requirements of the National and Hebei Postgraduate Education Conference. He focused on "Opinions on Accelerating the Reform and Development of Postgraduate Education in the New Era" and "Several Opinions on Further Strictly Regulating the Quality Management of Degree and Postgraduate Education" by the Ministry of Education. We also collectively studied the Code of Conduct for Guiding Postgraduate Tutors just issued by the Ministry of Education in the meeting. It is required that all departments, schools and academic leaders should do a good job in the study and implementation of the guidelines according to the actual construction of the postgraduate tutor team in their own units, and combine with the ongoing discussion on the comprehensive reform of postgraduate education, so that all employees can know, accurately understand and strictly implement them. Participants exchanged their learning experiences and discussed how to promote the high-quality development of postgraduate education.

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